Adam DiTroia interview

If someone asks for revisions, do them. We have to remember it's their "baby". We may think we nailed a music cue or sound effect. But for whatever reason the client may not. It's their call :) Above all, stay passionate and excited about what you do! We truly are fortunate to make music and sounds for a living. Or, if it's not your living yet, you're still very fortunate to have your gifts and talents.

Mateo Pascual interview

Don’t lose hope, there is always a process for everything and sometimes you need to be prepared for a long wait, a rejection, a gig lost... all these things can give you some frustration but be sure that if you love what you do and you are willing to stand for it you will get your piece of the cake.

Ivan Torrent interview

Fight for your dreams. Because dreams... are the gears of your life. There is a lot of chances in this world, in this industry, and for sure, everyone has its own space on it. So... If music is your dream, just fight for it...And be humble and honest with yourself and with the others.

Frank Herrlinger interview

Everybody knows about that typical overused phrases like “work harder than everybody else” or “improve your craft and work on your skills” and so on. So I'll skip that! But I believe there is another important aspect to success. Collaborations with other people should be fun. Make yourself into a person who is fun to work with and you'll be fine!