Digital Vs MIDI: The Good and Bad

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MIDI loopsBefore we distinguish the two audio formats on the basis of their attributes, it’s important to know what digital files are all about.

Basically, a digital audio file is a presentation of the audio file that gets stored in digital waveform after the audio format gets converted in binary codes. However, the two audio formats – Digital and MIDI differ on the basis of file size and sound quality.

Pros of using Digital Audio files

  • The biggest advantage a digital audio file gives over MIDI loops is a steady and balanced playback quality.
  • An audio format created with digital platform is independent from the recording device and thus has similar output with every playback system.
  • Digital audio files are adaptable to a wide range of software applications and are compatible on different platforms from Windows and Macinoth.
  • Such files are impressively good with spoken dialogues and thus suitable for different multimedia sound tracks.

The Cons of using Digital Audio files:

  • While working with digital audio files, you need a system with high configuration that has a superlative processing and bandwidth.
  • A digital audio file is comparatively larger in size than a MIDI file and consumes a greater amount of time in processing.

The Pros of using MIDI Audio files:

  • The biggest advantage with MIDI audio files is their relatively smaller or compact size than that of digital audio files.
  • Because of their compact size, audio files with MIDI loops are more quick and easy for online uploads and playing.
  • Files with MIDI formats are easily editable that can feature the removal or addition of any specific instrument in it.
  • Dependent on the recording platform, MIDI audio files can have a high quality output and might sound better then digital audio files.

The Cons of MIDI Audio Files:

  • MIDI Audio files are reliant on the playback device preferred for recording and thus the quality of output produced will show its specific attributes.
  • A MIDI loop created with such platform doesn’t support the ease of play back spoken dialogues that we can have with digital audio formats.
  • To excel the art of working with MIDI audio format, one needs to have a complete knowledge about musical scores, audio production and different musical instruments.
  • With the dependency of MIDI audio files on the recording device, these files have limitations to be used in specified fields only.