The mini-doc offers further details about Nolan and Zimmer’s collaborative process, including the desire to avoid sci-fi genre clichés and to allow Zimmer the freedom to create a largely independent work of art that functions in concert with the film instead of just supporting it. We also get a peek inside London’s Temple Church, home of the massive pipe organ that figures prominently in the music. Nolan explains that he wanted a “feeling of religiosity” in the mix, and, as it turned out, virtuosic organist Roger Sayer was the man to deliver it.

When you’re ready to revisit those profound bass notes and ethereal arpeggios, you’ll have three options to choose from, some of which come with special commemorative packaging: a Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak (16 tracks), a deluxe digital-only version (22 tracks), and an Illuminated Star Projection Edition, which includes 30 minutes of otherwise unreleased music (28 tracks).

Source: SoundWorks Collection