In this video, you can learn how Randy Thom created the sound of the various Dragons in How to Train Your Dragon.

There are 6 dragon species, the NightFury, Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Terrible Terror, Deadly Nadder and Zippleback. This video shows how their roars and sounds and audios are created by mixing the sounds of Human and animal sounds such as Elephants, Horses, Tigers etc. Toothless and Nightfury ‘s sound are emphasized, and they are created by mixing Humans, Elephants, Horses, Tiger and Cats sound together.

Supervising Sound Mixer and Sound Designer, Randy Thom talks about Dreamworks Animation 3-D thrilling action-adventure How to Train Your Dragon. Find out how the roster of dragons were brought to life and the unique approach Skywalker Sound takes when working on their films sound.