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With more and more news submissions every day, it became hard for me to keep track and be responsive with the news posting. So, I changed the way news is posted.

From now on, you won’t need approval in order for news to get posted. Fill out the form, press submit and that is it. In order to keep this as lightweight as possible, you will no longer have to upload images (you still can if you want but it is limited to 150kb per image). The default image will be used if you do not provide an image.

If you have special requests, please contact us at info[at] If you want your product reviewed please see our review ethic policy.

Submission Terms&Rules

1. If you are announcing or releasing a library or other software/hardware please start with X releases Y, wherer X is your company name and Y the name of the product.
2. Select only one category please. If you released a library and have a introductory sale, you can choose Deals and another appropriate category.
3. You can use youtube or vimeo inside the text area. Just paste the link in the text area.
4. Your news will be posted under “Sondware news”.

News submission
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NOTICE: Please, do not put links inside the text area as they will be deleted. Use the Website/URL field instead.
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Maximum upload size: 0.25MB
Upload cover image that will show in the archive page and above the post. If you do not upload the image, default image will be used. Prefered size: 650x400 Max file size: 250kb Format: jpg, jpeg only
Please select only one category.
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Maximum upload size: 0.15MB
You can upload up to 5 images. Max file size: 150kb Format: jpg, jpeg only