Below is a collection of podcasts we follow regularly. Check them out and if you happen to know any that are not on the list then please share them with us and we will add it to the list.

List of podcasts

A sound effect podcast

World’s first podcast dedicated to sound effects!
Co-hosting the podcast with Asbjoern Andersen is Christian Hagelskjær from Hzandbits, and together, they will be looking into what’s happening in the independent sound effect community, unearthing the inside-stories behind the latest SFX libraries – and highlighting some of the great new SFX releases that are coming out.


Tonebenders is a collective of sound design professionals sharing their thoughts, ideas, and stories. All aspects of sound design will be up for debate, from field recording, to the final mix, from manipulation to synthesis, from track layouts to secret editing tricks.

The Tonebenders Podcast is the result of these discussions while also covering the latest news in software, gear, techniques and topics from the sound design world. The podcast is hosted and produced by Rene Coronado (Dallas), Dustin Camilleri (Chicago) and Timothy Muirhead (Toronto), 3 audio professionals with different backgrounds and specialties. Using nearly 40 years of combined knowledge and experience to create a thoughtful take on the past and present of the sound design and post production businesses.


We know game audio – we love game audio!


If you create sounds for a living, are a fan of game audio, or just love all things video game related you should give our podcast a listen!
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