In this sound effects roundup we look at the latest sound effects releases. I really enjoy seeing sfx community release this many cool libraries. Check it out below.

Note: Usually I don’t feature that many ambience libraries unless they are really cool.

Industrial Ambiences by Hiss and a Roar

There is something beautiful about the grime and relentless rhythms of industrial landscapes – they are a rich source of complex, interesting sounds and an excellent creative opportunity for sound editing and design in film, TV or game audio. Check out our interview with Tim Prebble here.

Undercover Guns HD Pro by The Recordist

A one of a kind collection of guns being fired in a large barn, small barn, large garage, medium garage, metal workshop, old decaying farmhouse, daylight basement and large household rooms. The rifles and handguns were fired inside and outside with microphones inside and outside the buildings. Live and blank ammunition was used and multiple distances were captured.

Backyards & Alleyways by Sonic Salute

20 tracks recorded in the spring and summertime, with lots of bird life from sparrows, swallows, blackbirds, seagulls and magpies. Check out our interview with Mikkel Nielsen here.

RFX Room Tones by Ville Sorsa

This library delivers more than 4 hours of professionally recorded room tones from empty office rooms, basements, staircases, corridors to more exotic locations such as a sauna. Check out our interview with Ville Sorsa here.

Rocks and Stones by Antisample

Rocks and Stones features 720+ various impacts, slides and rolls sound effects recorded in several locations (forest, castle, cavern, cave, sea and rock slide). The sounds were recorded and processed at 96 kHz and 24 bit. Comes with detailed metadata (embedded and in a spread sheet).

Whooshes & Impacts 2 by Soundbits

With this pack you get a super-versatile collection of Whoosh and Impact sound effects. Featuring everything you need to give your movie- or game projects the sonic impact they deserve. From fantasy-style battles to intense scifi space combats. Check out our interview with Saro Sahihi here.

Cinematic Trailers Designed 2 by Boom library

First sound effect library of the Cinematic Series where you can get powerful trailer SFX in Stereo and 5.1 Surround. This package contains both, the Stereo and the Surround version. You will get more than 9GB of fresh sounds in perfect 96kHz/24bit HD audio quality.

Submerged by Pro Sound Effects

Featuring 230 sound effects recorded using a hydrophone (underwater microphone), Submerged is a boutique collection of underwater sounds that enables sound professionals to harness the unique sonic properties of water in any audio project.

Sci-Fi Weapons by Soundresponse

Months of field recording and sound design yielded 350+ high quality futuristic weapon sound effects. A must have for anyone working on a video game, movie or any other project containing futuristic combat action scenes.


A collection of 1,6 GB of robotic sounds (+500 sounds in 118 WAVS).

Paperlife by The Soundcatcher

Paperlife contains a huge variety of different Paper and Cardboard Sound Effects. We folded, ripped, rustled, crackled, swished, whooshed, flapped, turned, threw, sizzled paper and cardbord to create this library.

Space Racer – Passbys by Fox Audio

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… We recorded several ships, from Earth to the Galaxy… Pass-bys sounds of Pod Racers and Spaceships.

Huge Hidden Passages-Complete by Red Libraries

From the depths of the jungle, at the entrance of a temple, behind the thick walls of a castle, to discover a buried pyramid, some passages will be hidden to your eyes. We offer you the keys of those closed passages.

Quadcopter Flight by Audio Shade

‘Quadcopter Flight’ shows off these buzzing beasts from near and far in both quiet exterior locations and the studio.

Featuring a large quadcopter and two minis, these machines were captured as they performed all possible actions, such as take-offs, flybys, revs, and sustained flight.

Magnetic Fields | Vol.1 by Trent Williams

The LOM Elektrosluch 3+ is a hand built EMF sensor/microphone, our friends at LOM release only a handful of these worldwide per year. The sounds made with this special piece of equipment are other-worldly, ghostly and sometimes scary. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on one yet, or missed out while pre-orders were open this library is the definitive Elektrosluch 3+ sound.

Wind In Trees by Hzandbits

Wind In Trees is 93 minutes/2.80 GB of wind blowing and blasting through trees, bushes and tall grass in 32 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz M/S stereo (decoded to X/Y stereo and mono), using mostly Sennheiser MKH microphones.

Midlands Farm Sounds by Ivo Sissolak

The Midlands Farm Sounds is a collection of sound effects recorded in the beautiful, quiet hillsides of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

These 330 sounds range from animal noises, farm objects, metal squeaks to ambiences of rivers and fields. The aim of this library is to provide a large variety of farmyard sounds for film, games, documentaries, podcasts or musical projects.

Mountain Rivers by Phonophilist

Mountain Rivers sound effects library is about strong, running water, which gains its power from waterfalls. The water falls from big heights and after it comes to the earth, it continues as a fast creek with a lot of water, or as we say “mountain river”. These recordings were made in the one of the most beautiful places in the World, Yosemite National Park.

Honorable mentions

Ninety Nine Problems But A Whoosh Ain’t One by Smackheads
Light and Dark Drones by Airborne Sound
Household Fans by Luke Farroh
Portals by SoundMorph