Edmsoundware released ‘Tal J-8 Tech Trance Soundpack’ !

Soundpack is divided into 2 products.

Daw projects features 4 Various Tech Trance construction kit templates for Image-Line’s FL Studio 20(or higher), and second product is the soundset with 54 presets for TAL J-8 synth. DAW PROJECTS ARE MASTERED.

Pack Informations:

• 4 Various Tech Trance daw projects templates for Image-Line’s FL Studio 20 DAW (or higher) formats.


• 54 presets for Tal J-8 synth

• Txt files in English and German languages, with manual how to use this pack

• Free presets are also free to download at the Edmsoundware website.


Daw Projects:7 USD

Soundset:5 USD

Free test pack:0 USD

Link for purchase here:

Daw Projects



Payware: Fl Studio 20 or higher by Image Line , Tal J-8 by Tal (v 1.1.9) or higher,

and Freeware:
OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov, Tal Dub 2 by Tal, Luftikus by Lkjb, Molot by Vladg Sound, Limiter nr 6 by Vladg Sound, Span by Voxengo – optional, Samples percussion freeware – various from daws

Used various versions: 64 bits

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