Edmsoundware release ‘TAL Noisemaker Hard Trance Soundpack FREE ‘
a freeware soundpack for the Tal Noisemaker synthesizer, and 2 DAW’s.

Soundpack was built to give You 1 Hard Trance, template which can be opened in 2 DAWs. Daw Project that is inside this soundpack, is presented in audio demo that you can prehear it easly. In the pack you will find also small soundset with 8 presets.

Pack Informations:
• 1 Hard Trance Daw projects template for Image-Line’s FL Studio 11 & 20 or higher DAW formats.
• 8 presets for TAL NoiseMaker synth
• Txt files in English and German languages, with manual how to use this pack

Download link here:

Fl Studio 11 or 20 or higher by Image Line, Tal Noisemaker by Tal, Tal Reverb 2 by Tal, and Loudmax by Thomas Mundt are required. Percussion samples-various from daw.

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