Super Audio Boy: FREE Chiptune Instrument

Built on the engine of our critically-acclaimed Super Audio Cart instrument, we’re proud to present Super Audio Boy – a tiny but VERY powerful free Kontakt library ideal for both retro music and modern productions alike!

As the name suggests, Super Audio Boy features samples from a certain grey handheld video game system; hardware so famous that its sound chip has spawned multiple musical genres and styles. We lovingly sampled this chip down to its core, including bonus PCM samples run through its ultra-lo fi sample playback capabilities.

The instrument is wrapped up in the extremely powerful 4-layer Super Audio Cart engine, with poly-arpeggiators, sequencers, over a dozen filter models, 5 FX racks, and a 64-slot modulation matrix all at your fingertips. It’s truly a sound designer’s dream.

Naturally, since this is just a small fraction of the full S.A.C. library, Super Audio Boy is 100% free for Kontakt 5.5 and above. No catch – just download it and enjoy!