Edmsoundware.com ‘Zebralette Various Techno Soundpack’ is a freeware soundpack icluding 3 Various Techno templates which can be opened in 3 various DAWS, soundset for U-he Zebralette synthesizer and midi files from audio demos. All elements are prehearable in audio demos.

Pack Information:
– 3 Various Techno construction kits in: FL Studio 11, FL Studio 20, Waveform Free formats.

– Soundset:20 presets from audio demos

– Midi files:27 presets from audio demos

Download link:

Fl Studio 11 or 20 by Image Line or Waveform free by Tracktion, U-he Zebralette, Tal Reverb 4 v301 by Tal, and Loudmax by Thomas Mundt are required. Percussion samples comes from daws.



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