In this roundup, we look at the latest sound effects releases in September. There has been plenty of ambisonic and ambience releases.

Latest review: Industrial sounds with Sould by Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet


(M)exican (S)easide by Unidentified Sound Object

NOTE: 100% of “Mexican Seaside” SFX library purchases will be donated to UNICEF México to provide aid and assistance to families affected by the recent earthquakes

Mexican Seaside is a unique Mid-Side collection of ocean sounds gathered during the summer of 2017 in the Yucatán Peninsula – Mexico. It contains sandy and rocky beach ambient sounds, with no human activity.

Yeti Monster by Articulated Sounds

Extensive humanoid creatures actions, emotions and reactions.
The “Yeti Monster” library is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly metatagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different type of articulations, actions and reactions; as well as cartoon-like interpretations.

Monster Within by Soundmorph

27 different creatures and monsters • Attacks • Body Movements • Breathing • Charges • Damage • Death • Dodge • Enter • Exit • Flesh • Foley • Footsteps • Footsteps Giant • Grunts • Hits • Idles • Impacts • Jumps • Melee • Pain • Punches • Reactions • Screams • Roars • Spawns • Special Effects • Swings / Swipes • Taunts • Transforms • Vocals

Ambiences (Ambisonic, Stereo and other formats)

Ambisonic Forest – Summer by Soundreorganized

The library is a collection of atmosphere recordings of different sized/aged forests during summer time in Eastern and Southern Finland.

Wetland Atmosphere by Mindful Audio

Wetland Atmosphere is a collection of pristine ambiences recorded at wetlands, marshes, bogs, lakes and other similar areas around Europe.

Northern Rockies 1: Common Loons by Thomas Rex Beverly

In Northern Rockies 1: Common Loons, get a collection of the strange and mythical calls of Common Loons. These beautiful birds have haunting calls that sing across the boreal lakes of North America.

Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon by All You Can Eat Audio

Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon is the second installment in the Suburbs of Chicago Series. This package contains ambiences from a suburban lagoon. There is no shortage of bird chirps, leaves and grass rustling in the wind, and bike pass bys. Canoe Paddling, both distant and close, can be heard as one of the outdoor activities. As in any suburb, there are distant cars and distant planes.

Sounds of Canada by Junglesonic

Sounds of Canada includes a huge variety of local ambiences and sounds unique to Canada. From Canadian crowds, restaurants, bars and markets to community sporting events, stadium events, street parades, nature sounds, ski villages, the distinct rattling sound of the Vancouver Marathon, the Canadian pedestrian crossing button sound and even Vancouver’s famous steam-powered organ clock.

Urban Berlin Vol. 3 by creativeaudiopoolberlin

Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain. This Library contains roomtones of a Hospital, a Playground, Trainstations and other crowded places. For further details about the locations, please read the spread-sheet and take a look on the location photos.

Ambiences from Thailand by Robert Kubicki

Ambiences from Thailand is a collection of sounds from busy and exotic Bangkok, idyllic Railay Beach and Khao Sok with oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. You will hear tourists’ excitement, local Thais conversations, traditional gongs at world-famous temples and cricket chirps and other insects in middle of the night.

Backyard by Badlands Sound

‘Backyard’ by Badlands Sound puts you right in the middle of America’s backyard. You will hear in the morning the peaceful sounds of mourning doves, robins, and other song birds along and at night you will hear a distant American School Football Game with crowds cheering and a sports announcer among with crickets and distant dog barks and yelps.

Essential Sound – Italian Cityscapes and Ambience by Tsunami Sound Wave

Recorded throughout 4 parts of Italy (Rome, Naples, Positano, Tivoli Gardens), the 3 hours and 45min of material gives you a large variety of sound to choose from.

Collected Ambiences vol 11 by Soundbits

Beach, Public Space, City, Rain, Wind, Weekly Market, Bistro and many more. 33 Files, 4.93 GB, 122 minutes

UI, Futuristic sounds and Drones

Virtual UI by Dark Arts FX

Virtual UI is a library of over 500 high-tech user interface sounds. Using a combination of digital and analogue gear, sound designer Daniel Mumford has created super-usable wipes, beeps, notifications, menus, power-ups and downs, errors, buttons, data, malfunctions, switches, alarms, atmospheres and drones.

Future Robotics by Cinematic Sound Design

‘Future Robotics’ by Cinematic Sound Design features a collection of futuristic sound effects designed for Cinematic productions, games, apps and more. From hard-hitting rusty sounds too tiny droid talks, robot malfunctions, creaks, and lasers.

Dodge This by MatiasMacSD

“Dodge This” is a set of sounds aimed to enhance “Slow Motion” and “Bullet Time” moments in movies, trailers and video games.

Space Ambiences – Drones & Atmospheres by Fox Audio Post-Production

25 drones and atmospheres, all loop seamlessly – made for composers and sound designers.

Animals, vehicles and other sound effects

Wimpy Dog by Big Room Sound Inc.

“Wimpy Dog” is a collection of over 35 different recordings of a particularly sad German shepherd. He whines, he calls out, he yelps, he pants and pleads for attention in a truly expressive manner. He’ll be sure to bring some much needed character to any dog you’ve got onscreen or a creature you are designing.

Audi S6 2007 by Pole Position Production

Recording of an Audi S6 from 2007, equipped with an aspirated 5.2 liter V10 435 horsepower engine and a distinctive Milltek exhaust system. The engine is similar to a Lamborghini Gallardo, Huracan, and an Audi R8. Demo available at their website.

Doors by Anti-Node Design

From wooden doors to Japanese Shoji sliding doors – this bundle contains various kinds of door actions such as opening, closing, sliding and so on.

Mid-Size Car by John Silke

86 sounds of a British mid-size family 2017 1.6 litre manual car. Doors, windows, seat, horn, wipers, glovebox, trunk, hood, driving and more. Nice clean new sounds, recorded in the Summer of 2017.

Hollywood Cameras by 2496 Sound Effects

Hollywood Cameras features 70 HD 24bit/96khz Sound Effects with a large selection of beefy designed camera shutter clicks, group Paparazzi loops and raw source cameras. From Modern SLRs, Mirrorless and Cell Phone cameras. Designed camera clicks and Paparazzi loops are mastered in Stereo and 5.1 surround (L-C-R-Ls-Rr-Lf Embedded .WAV format)