The team at Zipper Noise have released FREQUIA, the world’s most advanced, publicly available technical ear training program.

FREQUIA is the culmination of over a decade of research into critical listening and technical ear training. The result is an expert technical ear training application that was painstakingly designed to be both advanced and simple to use; everything users need and nothing they don’t.

The unique standalone application trains users to develop an internal reference (long-term memory) for the sound of a multitude of filters and equalizers applied at various frequencies, gain levels, and Q values. By training with FREQUIA, users will learn to identify and correct problem frequencies faster, sculpt sounds with more accuracy, and hear increasingly subtle differences in timbre.

Key Features
Far beyond random questions, FREQUIA’s unique Adaptive Training mode provides personalised training based on each user’s unique performance profile. Users will save hours by spending less time training on what they know and more time training where they need to improve.

Exclusive to FREQUIA, the Sweep Enable function allows users to choose whether to hear equalizer parameters change in real-time as they adjust the controls – commonly referred to as ‘sweeping’ throughout the spectrum.

FREQUIA allows users to choose from eight industry-standard equalizers, and five training modes across 81 different training setups, producing over 3,200 unique training scenarios.

At this stage, FREQUIA supports Mac-OS systems running both Intel and Apple Silicone processors.

Fully functional 10-day trials and full-license retail versions of FREQUIA are available now from the FREQUIA website.

FREQUIA Perpetual License: US$59

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