There are some wonderful things happening in Audio world that you should really check out and/or even take part in some of them.

A New Crowdsourced Library (Audible worlds)

If you are a sound designer, sound recordist or even sound enthusiast you should really check the new poll for the new crowdsourced library.

A Call for Help Gathering Elements (Dynamic Interference)

Sound designer Shaun Farley needs some help with gathering sounds for his project which he will turn into crowdsource library for everyone involved. Read more about it here.

I’m looking for as broad a sampling as I can get: male/female, multiple languages, multiple dialects/accents, etc. So if you’re willing, record yourself, your family and your friends. I figure I can’t be the only person that this material might be useful for in the future, so I want to turn this into a shared library for any who contribute. Individual files will be owned by the person who created them. Obviously, no one will have the right to resell any work other than their own. Everyone who contributes will have the right to use the sounds (royalty free) in commercial projects. Participating indicates your knowledge and acceptance of those facts.

Audio middleware becoming free for indie developers (Various sources)

Month ago almost all major audio middleware has become free for indie developers. I think this is a wonderful thing and it will give many people plenty of choices and oportunities while developing a game. Although some were free before to try and play with, they weren`t free for commercial use. Here are some that you might be interested.


Two Icelandic sound designers could change sound effect forever (A sound effect)

The art of field recording has been around for ages, but now, Halfdan Auðrifýur and Ingi Hjálmtýr – two Icelandic sound designers – are looking to fundamentally change how sound effects are created. Their method involves technology, location and cunning – and I spoke with Ingi Hjálmtýr about the ambitious duo’s fascinating undertaking.

The Free Firearm Sound Library (Firearm FX)

The firearm sound library was the brainchild of a team of college students with a mutual passion for the audio and visual arts. In November, 2013 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop an extensive open source firearm sound effects library, and on December 7, 2013 our project was funded by an incredible group of backers and we went into full tilt production. This website serves to connect our backers with our two libraries, as well as to give credit to the backers who made it all possible.

Along with the availability of these sounds comes the need to understand their proper application. The metadata included in the sound files along with some instructional videos will help make these sounds serve you to their full potential.

Our team holds CC0 NO RIGHTS RESERVED for this library. It may be used without royalty or credit (though we would love to hear how you’ve used our sounds) for any application, personal or professional. Have at it!