Wobblophones releases Harmonic Machinery

Harmonic Machinery is built around samples of unique and hand-crafted metallic sounding instruments: Ferrophone, Sonoplotter and Blue Triangle, by Neon & Landa. This sample library contains two virtual instruments: Ferro and Nebulon Ferro.

Ferro is a tool designed for creating original sound effects and cinematic sound textures. It can be used to build a vivid atmosphere of doomsday, a hostile industrial world or a recurring nightmare. But it also can be used to create peaceful atmospheric pads and lush sound textures. Ferro can play simultaneously up to 4 samples from the Harmonic Machinery collection. It offers 2 LFOs for parameter modulation and a separate filter and overdrive section per sample. All this is topped off with an extra chain of effects on the instrument level.

Nebulon Ferro is an advanced granular sample player. Unlike Ferro, Nebulon Ferro doesn’t play back samples conventionally, but splits them into small grains. Many grains can overlap to form complex clouds of sound. With Nebulon Ferro a user can steer the sound towards the darkness or light. And in either case, soundscapes will sound like a journey into the world of Harmonic Machinery.

– 1.1 GB samples from 3 unique and hand-crafted instruments: Ferrophone, Sonoplotter and Blue Triangle (bowed).
– The Ferro virtual instrument.
– The Nebulon Ferro virtual instrument.
– 59 snapshots.
– All samples are recorded at 44.1 kHz, 24-bit and provided in .wav format.

There is an introduction discount of 15%: $36.55 / €33.15 / £22.95 until December 6, 2015.
Regular price: $43.00 / €39.00 / £27.00.
A demo version is available here.

The installation size of the library is approximately 1.1 GB. Ferro and Nebulon Ferro work in NI Kontakt 5.4.2 and above.