I love making whoosh sounds and before the following plugins you had to do everything manualy, which could sometimes take hours to design single sounds. Now with these tools the whole process seems to be very easy. Please note that this is just the comparison of the two products recently released, Whoosh by MeltedSounds and WaveWarper by SoundMorph. I will be reviewing both of them later next week. If there are any mistakes or if you would like to add additional note to the chart please feel free to write in the comments below.



VST, standaloneReaktor 5.8MAX, Standalone
Included samplesYesNo
Importing samplesYes (tutorial provided)Yes
Supports pluginsNoYes (max 10)
EffectsDopler, Mod delay, Tremolo, Drive, Equlizer, Compressor, Filter (individual sounds), Limiter2x Compressor, X,Y pad for plugin control, Filter, Reverb, LFO, Noise, Limiter
ControlVolume, pitch, pan, duration, grain, filter, play mode (fwd, alt, rev, off)Volume, pitch, pan, duration, filter, play mode (fwd, rev) – all controled via matrix
Sound sources4 + additional Impact source6 (3×2)
Granular synthesisYes (individual sample)No
Realtime controlYes + TouchOSCYes + leap motion + TouchOSC
MixingIndividual sounds + masterIndividual sounds + master