This update should be really interesting to all sound designers as it has some cool new features and can now be used by anyone as the new version supports the (freely available) REAKTOR PLAYER! This means you don’t need to own Reaktor 6 anymore. Checkout our review of the Whoosh (before update).

Whoosh is a true sound design instrument and enables you to create breath taking whoosh and pass-by effects. It is possible to precisely design sounds varying from whistling wind whooshes to air ripping engine pass-by or completely over the top granular sci-fi effects.

The included doppler effects engine was designed from ground up to physical model the acoustic phenomena of an object that approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer.

The individual playback engines, the source mixer and doppler engine can be manipulated in synchronized connection to each other. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everything in perfect sync.
Whoosh comes with an extensive onboard sample library licensed from leading sound effect recordists. It includes categories like lion roars, massive explosions, fire bursts, wind, metal squeals, splashing water, racing cars and jet planes..

• Enables you to design breath taking whoosh and pass-by sound effects.
• Complex but intuitive to use sound design engine.
• 4 loop / grain samplers, 4 impact samplers, wave mixer, doppler engine and post effects.
• Randomization features

– Build for the freely available REAKTOR PLAYER
– Completely overhauled sample management
– Expanded factory SFX library
– Improved doppler algorithm
– NKS support and updated MIDI functionality
– Overhauled synchronization features. TC, Beat Sync
– Completely rewritten sample engine and several under the hood improvements

Full Price is $99,00 US
Get it here:

Whoosh was previously released through meltedsounds and is now a TONSTURM product.