After series of attempts, Urban Kolmić was finally able to attach himself to the VoKal Kit to record new homebrew sounds but the simple kit simply exploded in his face making him silent for the rest of the day. To learn more about VoKal Kit check out interview with Hans von Essen at the

Urban Kolmić was a simple man living with his family in the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He had a particular interest in sound, specifically field recording. After finding out about the new technique developed by Hans von Essen he purchased Essen’s unique VoKal Kit to experiment with sound. After a couple of hours of unsuccessful attempts, Urban finally managed to attach himself to the VoKal Kit. At first everything was fine but after pressing pre-record button the VoKal kit exploded in Urban’s face making him silent for the rest of the day. His wife Natalia explains the details.

He wouldn’t shut up about it. Not just the VoKal kit but in general also. He talked and he talked. Everything was about sound this and sounds that. After that thing exploded, I couldn’t be happier. For the rest of the day I didn’t have to listen to his nonsense. But, I was also very sad because he used my iPad to attach himself to it, so, I wrote to Apple and they said that they are getting calls from every corner of the globe about sound designers attaching themselves to VoKal kit. Apple also promised that we will get a free iPad.

Urban on the other hand wrote to Essen to let him know that his device worked as promised and the he will read the instructions next time. Essen was so thrilled about the letters he was getting that he immediately dispatched a new one to him and 50.000 other sound designers and field recordist around the world. Get yours here.

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