After a short brake we are back with a review of a new product called Voices of the Ages from SampleTraxx. Is Voices of the Ages something you should keep or consider buying? Let us have a peek.

The Voices of the Ages is a sample pack of various Gregorian Chants Solos and Choirs, Male and Female Opera, Latin Words and Custom Melodies, Liturgical Choirs, Modern Shouts and Vocalizations, Suspended Choral Pads – Vocal Textures, Crescendos and Voice Effects.

Once the pack is extracted the above categories will show up on your hard drive. Each category features its own style but it is coherent as a whole pack. Different categories feature from 20 to around 60 samples per category, totaling in around 300+ sounds or circa 3 GB of content (extracted) at 96 KHz and 24 bit.

This time, as I have noticed the metadata isn’t present which if you are using software such as Soundminer, Basehead or similar won’t do you much good. I don’t think that is a huge problem in this case because the sounds are meant to be used by musicians but I might be wrong.

The sound quality is good but nothing that would rock my boat, especially since there are other providers of similar sounds on the market. There are also some sounds that contain a bit of noise at the higher end of the frequency. Luckily, as I have mentioned, the noise is present in only a few of the sounds. This is not to say that Voices of the Ages sounds bad quite on the contrary it sounds really cool, especially for the price. The sounds are well recorded and have interesting sound design elements.

The one thing missing is that this could easily be used in a popular sampler like Native instruments Kontakt. There seem to be plenty of recorded notes to create legatos and other articulations or just use it as an FX sound palette. EDIT: I was notified by the developer that the Kontakt version of the instrument is in the works so I am guessing that existing customers will be notified about the update soon.


Voices of the Ages is an interesting take on the choir sounds with its unique sound design. The sound quality is good with some samples being poorly edited or simply over heard in the post processing. The price is also really tempting (32 EUROs including tax) and I cannot argue that for the mentioned price, you are getting a lot of bang for the buck.

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