Undertone Sound Library releases (not) Just Another Whoosh Library 1

This pack includes 165 files of whooshes, swooshes, and pass-by sounds. 100 of the tracks are various objects swung by the microphone in their originally recorded un-processed state. Aluminum brooms, plastic rakes, boom poles, T-squares, window brackets, rope, flags, sticks, and various other swingables. Then we took some of those sounds and created 65 “designed” whooshes. Our mission (always) is to create natural and super-natural sounds that either sound like an amazing recording of the thing itself, or a brand new sound with out some phony add-on “effect”. What we mean by that is : we didn’t just run these sounds through flangers and phase-shifters such that they sound “processed”; we tried to create a natural “new” sound using various techniques.

Most whoosh libraries sound super-processed and fake. We believe ours sounds good from natural to super-natural and beyond!
You can also use these great sounds as a basis for new customized sounds to fit your project quite easily as we have given you the raw files and naturally processed files in 24/96!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.
Format: 24/96kHz Wave (mono and stereo)

(not) Just Another Whoosh Library 1