The wind in your hair, boat rocking beneath your feet, the splash and spray of waves against the bow, sails flapping in the wind – what could be better than a day spent sailing? Recording it! We grabbed our field recording kit and miced up an immaculately maintained 1977 Ericson 32-foot sloop for two separate excursions out onto the vast expanse of Lake Superior. You’ll get many different perspectives, including a quad array up on deck under the main sail, 2 different stereo setups down below, a set of “roaming” shotguns, and a set of static shotguns over the side and the bow.

We’ve included both static ambience and some sequences with movement on deck, as well as details of sails flapping, the anchor dropping, and more. There is one long 12 minute sequence of the Captain getting the boat ready to sail while out on the water with no wind or other sounds. It’s a super clean sequence of 1 person working such that every preparation is recorded in isolation. Moored at dock; mast wires rattling; taking out sail and attaching to jib; pulling lines; raising the halyard; Mainsail-only sailing; All sails sailing; stepping sounds; tacking; coming about; wing-on-wing; lowering Genoa sail; clutching and de-clutching rope lines, wrapping around the winches, cranking the winch and much much more!

This product contains 69 sets audio files (POLY WAVE). $250.

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