Undertone Sound Library Announces Prairies and Small Forests 2

Recorded in early June on a HOT 80º F day, this is one of our favorite places for the symphony of crickets, cicadas, dragonflies, rodents, birds, grass, and wind.

It is not only fairly remote, it has a great variety of landscape in a small area. We recorded in 24/96 double-ORTF QUAD for a complete surround sound experience. There are only 10 tracks, but they contain over an hour and twenty minutes of ambient sounds. This is a beautiful collection of long stretches of prairie grass life just in front of a small forest. This area in Western MN is a designated Science and Nature Area so everything you hear is natural and indigenous!

All files are optimized for Soundminer integration, with comprehensive metadata embedded.

Recorder used: Sound Devices 744T
Format: 24/96kHz Double-ORTF (QUAD)
Mics used: 4 x Schoeps CMC6|MK4

There are 7 other sound libraries available and many more to come at http://undertonesoundlibrary.com

Prairies and Small Forests 2
$35.00 $26.25 (limited offer)