In this Lesson Series we’ll create a basic adaptive music system and implement it in Unreal Editor 4’s Level blueprint. This simple system is designed to have five overlapping music tracks that change their volumes based on four Level Stages which will be controlled with the keys 1-4.

At the heart of this Lesson Series are Ambient Sounds and Level Blueprints. We’ll also explore the basics of designing and fully implementing a system like this as well take a look at next steps if you are interested in taking these concepts further. Sound files are supplied for convenience.


– Lesson 1: Setup and Ambient Basics
– Lesson 2: Modifying an Ambient Sound’s Volume in a Level Blueprint
– Lesson 3: Level Stages
– Next Steps


– Music files:
– Unreal Editor 4.9.2 or later
– It will help to already have some familiarity with Blueprints, though this is not necessary.

Key topics:

– Sound Design
– Level Blueprints

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