U.S.O. releases Insectus

Insectus is a special Ambisonics sfx library: it’s been in the works for more than a year. We’ve been through lot of experimentation in that time with different approaches regarding the best way to deliver this bizarre package of sounds. So what is it exactly? It’s not a ready-to-go ambience collection: instead, just think about the sound-designed material as a background sweetener. We’ve called it Insectus not only for its Latin roots, but also because it comes from the fusion of two word: Insect+Tinnitus. We used the higher octave of the spectrum in an odd way, mimicking insect vocalization and biophony sounds in Symbolic Sound Kyma by layering a lot of synthesised stream of small band of very high frequencies (hence the inspireful source name Tinnitus).

You’ll find 100 loopable variations of FOA FuMa/ambiX interleaved files (4 channels), with a duration of 30 seconds each.
Do you want to add a bit of mystery, depth, tension or peacefulness to your ambience stem and influence the emotional state of the listener? Now you can create soundscape by layering, rotating, expanding and shrinking the FuMa/ambiX file. You can also re-construct the 360° sound panorama from binaural up to 7.1 surround.

Insectus is available in two versions:

B-format ambiX: $ 69
(stereo and binaural versions are included as well)
Channel Layout: WYZX

B-format FuMa: $ 69
(stereo and binaural versions are included as well)
Channel Layout: WXYZ