All Tsugi sound design tools are 50% off for Black Friday.

For example, if you are planning on doing some sound design for games, GameSynth is US $195 instead of $390.

For that price you get:

– a full Max/MSP-like patching system with more than 70 modules, oriented towards game sound design.

– a Whoosh generator

– an Impact / Contact simulator for your physics-based sound (striking, rolling, sliding…)

– a Particles-based synthesizer

– a Footsteps generator

– a Weather system synthesizer

– a Retro 8-bit emulator

– a VoiceFX processor, for all these aliens, robots and monsters (create chains of effects with 20 different types of racks).

And many unique features to draw your sounds with the mouse or a tablet, create sound variations automatically, export them (to Reaper,Unity, Wwise etc.), make sounds match animation curves automatically etc.

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