Top 10/2 favorite scariest songs in movies and games

Top 5 scariest songs from Pasi aka the Epic Beard man

5. Diablo 2: Hell – Matt Uelmen

4. The Ninth Gate: Opening Titles – Wojciech Kilar

3. Quake: Track 5 – Trent Reznor

2. Alien: Main Theme – Jerry Goldsmith

1. Vertigo: Prelude / Rooftops – Bernard Herrmann


Top 5 scariest songs from Zdravko aka the Epic Bald man

5. Jaws Theme – John Williams

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Dead Space) – Jason Graves

3. The Thing Theme – Ennio Moricone

2. IT theme song – Richard Bellis

1. Freddy’s coming for you – Charles Bernstein

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