Here are the Top 10 reviews at TAS in case you might have missed these.

1. Whoosh review (MeltedSounds)

Remarkable instrument and it solves many long hours of processing and melting the sound to create what it looks like a simple effect.

2. WaveWarper review (SoundMorph)

Great sound manipulation tool!

3. Cantus review (Eduardo Tarilonte)

The sound is amazing and there are a couple of flaws but all in all this a magnificent library.

4. CM3 review (LineAudio)

For a small chunk of money you will get excellent sounding microphones capable of capturing sound sources with great detail.

5. DM-307 review (Heavyocity)

By far one of the best drum machines made for Kontakt and Kontakt player.

6. Dehumanizer review (Krotos)

It is an outstanding piece of software.

7. Electra2 review (Tone2)

This is a powerful, versatile tool that is not limited to the genre of music it is advertised for (EDM).

8. eDNA Earth review (Spitfire Audio)

Earth is a cool product with lots of content to play with and it sounds great.

9. Shevannai review (Eduardo Tarilonte)

One of the best sounding solo vocal sample libraries out there.

10. Arpology review (Sample Logic)

Arpology is therefore a must have for composers who don`t have time to program their own synths and for those wishing for a fresh set of sounds and possibilities in their studio.