Fire can be friendly and comforting, a source of heat and light. This library unleashes the feral and menacing side of this highly energetic medium.

Countless recording sessions took place to serve you huge fireball whooshes, massive gasoline flame-thrower bursts, impacts, blackpowder, various torches, lycopodium flashes, campfires and burning cars. Besides extensive outdoor recording sessions, we recorded in acoustically diverse environments like abandoned protection bunkers and industry halls. In cooperation with our pyrotechnician and with permission of the local police department we were able to arrange an insane recording session where we were able to totally burn down 3 cars still containing most of their interior fittings.

Library Specifications:
15,9 GB in total
419 sound files
Multiple effects per file
Perspective variations
Microphone variations
96kHz / 24bit
Extensive metadata

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