Today we will be looking at a library Michael Bay wished had bought before making any of his movies. I am of course talking about Tonsturm’s Massive Explosions sound effect library. Let’s see if it is worth buying or not.

Tonsturm Massive Explosions comes as a download only product weighting in around cca. 7 GB worth of content. There is plenty of everything for everyone. The download is split into multiple parts which means that you will have to click the download button several times. Nothing wrong with that because it will be worth it.

There are two main groups of sounds, one being the designed or combined one and the other contains multichannel samples which you can combine yourself. The various types of sounds or explosions make this sound effect library really cool. There are anti-tank mines, bursting foil, powder, dynamite, gas cartridges and more.

The combined category will be a great addition to your arsenal in the beginning but shortly you will most likely switch to making your own combinations. The multichannel category includes everything you need from mono to surround sound.

All samples are appropriately named. The naming actually deserves a praise because it really does the job of letting you know what you are listening to. For each sample there is also a weight measurement written which gives you a sense of the type of explosion.

So how does it sound?

The sound of Tonsturm’s Massive Explosions is fantastic. They captured the sound perfectly in terms of sound perception and quality in my opinion. Each sound has different tone and feeling. Some have stuttery beginning and short boom and some as you might expect are big and distorted. I also have to mention that Massive Explosions comes in a 96 KHz and 24 bit format, so you will have plenty of options to manipulate the sound further if you desire to do so.


The Tonsturm Massive Explosions is a fantastic product but it comes at a price. For multichannel recordings you will have to spend around $249 US and for the combined samples around $179 US. It may be a bit pricey but the quality and the variety makes this product a must have for anyone looking for an explosions library.

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Tonsturm Massive Explosions review





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