Hide your kids and your wife (or a husband) because today we will be reviewing the latest sound effects library from Tonsturm called Gore and Slaughter. The library came out a month ago with a somewhat disturbing trailer video, which quite graphically shows what this library is all about. If you are a bit squeamish I do not recommend watching the trailer because you might find it disturbing.

This is not your typical gore library as from what I understand the real guts, blood and skinning was recorded in order to capture the pristine essence of… well… gore. And I am happy to say they certainly succeeded.

The sounds are really well recorded at the maximum quality and they will leave you cringing just by listening to the way they sound. There are a lot of sounds to choose from and I am sure it will most likely replace your existing vegetable library. By that I do not mean that other libraries are bad.

The whole library has several categories appropriately named which means they will be easy to find in your sound search tools (Soundminer, Basehead, etc.). All files are also equipped with metadata.

Gore and slaughter comes in two variations, “Full” and “Lite”. The main difference is of course the price and the fact that with the “Lite” version you get 2.0 Stereo and 1.0 Mono recordings at 96 kHz and 24 bit (356 files). Full version offers 3.0 LCR, 2.0 Stereo and 1.0 Mono recordings recorded and mastered at 192kHz and 24 bit (557 files). The amount of files seems a bit low but you have to know that these are multi take files which mean you get double the amount of sounds.

From king crabs to pig blood spilling on the floor there is really a lot to choose from. I recommend that you also check out the full list of files before getting the library here in order to make sure it will suit your needs.

The one thing I did notice that may bug someone is that when stretching and pitch shifting the files there is a little hum from a room or a machine that occurs in some files EDIT: the noise only occurs on some files when pitched 250% or more. I haven’t stretched all of them because I usually don’t pitch shift gore type of sounds. If I tend to do that then it is really minimalistic.


Gore and Slaughter is a terrifying library where even Freddy Kruger might say “That’s too real”. He would be right. The library feels and sounds right for any project that requires bone breaking, seafood mangling, blood spilling and lung cracking sound effects. The price is a bit steep ($159 US for the full version and $129 US for the lite version) but the quality in my opinion justifies it.

Gore and Slaughter is therefore a must have in my opinion.

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Sound quality

Variety of sounds

Value for money

4.9Must Have
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