Thank you

It has been three years since we started The Audio Spotlight and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support. It means a lot to us that you still visit our website and read our interviews, reviews and other news.

The beginning

I don’t think we have ever shared a story on how and why the audio spotlight actually started. Three years ago I started a facebook group (now obsolete) where a bunch of composers and sound designers could hang out and discuss various topics. The problem that I found with other facebook groups is that I didn’t know anyone and what they were doing. So, I decided to feature one composer or sound designer on a facebook page. That way everyone could learn more about their peers. I’d like to think that it was well received.

Somewhere in between, Pasi started a blog doing the same thing (featuring composers and sound designers) and I got in touch with him and presented the idea of starting a real website where we could feature known and unknown people from the audio field.

The whole point of The Audio Spotlight was that we feature more relatively unknown composers and sound designers on our website and present them to the world. In the mean time we also needed some kind of news section or behind the scenes section to keep the things fresh.

Now, we have featured closed to around 170 spotlight interviews and expanded into reviews and other news regarding audio field. But the whole TAS thingy wasn’t possible without the original interviews and the people who shared the news at our birth. We want to thank each and everyone of you for your support.

The people

Here are the original interviews that helped TAS in the beginning.

Russell Bell interview
Arthur Hendriks interview
Hans-Jörg Scheffler interview
Marie-Anne Fischer interview
Ryo Ishido interview
Simon Porter interview
Hannu Honkonen interview
Dirk Ehlert interview
Charlotte Partt interview
Jarkko Hietanen interview
Frank Ilfman interview
Matt Bowdler interview
Sean Beeson interview
Yaiza Varona interview
Nathan Madsen interview
Cedric Baravaglio interview
Marco Frydshou interview

The news

There were also a couple of interesting videos that were released in 2012.

Introduction to Game Audio
GDC Vault: The Audio of Bastion
Jim Stout sound design tutorials
List of high end music libraries
List of music libraries: Part two