Head on over to Audiodraft to participate in this cool competition. A little more details below and here.

Rite is a Norse-mythology & Viking themed casual role-playing game for iOS. The player explores deep dungeons to stop the plans of evil giants and their armies of trolls slaughtering them in the progress.

We need a memorable theme that will instantly be connected to our game. The main purpose is to use the music with action packed promotional videos (30-90s in length) so that should be kept in mind when designing the piece.

What we’d like:
– Lots of drums & horns
– Orchestral
– Should make you want to hack some trolls into tiny pieces
– We like metallic sounds & shouts of rage
– Something completely different would also be appreciated. Surprise us!

Some references to give ideas what kind of music we’d like:
– Skyrim main theme
– Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 main themes
– Game of Thrones theme