This is a call for contributors to the “World Ambience SFX Library“. The goal is two have 200+ recordists from all over the world contribute a 3-5 minute recording of ambience from their region. This can be anything from city soundscapes in Tokyo to the open plains in African. If you are interested, simply flag the poll to “Yes” and we can get the tally started. A few answers to hopefully some of your questions on the process are listed below.

Hopefully we quickly get enough people and we can narrow down a start date for the project.


Crowdsource Library Submission Process


Participants will have two months (months to be determined) to contribute. They will deliver the file with the below specifications and receive a download link shortly after the deadline has been reached. Quality control for files will be a concern so please try to deliver a recording that represents itself at a “professional” level.

File Naming:

Please keep file names fairly short (31 characters if possible) and use underscores instead of spaces when necessary. Use the following order for naming conventions: Category_Noun_Verb_Misc. For example, this could be “Footstep_Female_Walk_Wood” or “Animal_Lion_Roar_Growl_01”. If numbering variations please start with a prefix padding of “0” (01, 02, 03).


I’m not going to make meta-data tagging necessary. If you have the software and capabilities to tag a file please do so with the appropriate region it was recorded and the recordists name.

Photo Requirements:

I thought it would be fun to have a picture to go along with the recordings. Please provide a high quality photo of the location that is being recorded. Please make sure the photo is not larger than 5MB and has a minimum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.


You will need a Google Drive account. All files should be recorded in stereo at 96kHz, 24bit.

Upload your file to your local Google Drive account and grant me access to the password protected folder. Once the file is confirmed I will copy the file to a folder with everyone’s contributions and grant you access to the password protected library shortly after the deadline. From here you can sync the files to your local computer. I recommend using Google’s local app that you can download to your PC/Mac/Linux.


Shortly after the deadline has been reached I will email contributors a password protected link to the file locations.


I would like to keep this as informal and casual as possible. All contributors to this library are free to use the files in projects as they please. This library is not for resale or to be sold after acquired.

More about the project here.