There is a cool interview with Joseph Lawrence over at Kill Screen specially if you love making squishy sounds.

This past March, NPR’s “On The Media” ran a segment on the changing standards for how violence is portrayed in film—not in terms of how graphically it’s visualized, but how moist it sounds today compared to the dry, cracking punches of early crime fights. Videogames have a shorter history than film, but they have no shortage of lush compositions of violence. I got in touch with Joseph Lawrence, Blizzard’s sound design supervisor for Diablo III, to hear about the humble origins of the game’s gruesome noises.

What’s a sound that you really like from the game?

I’m a little biased because I actually did it, but the cackles of the skeletons when they laugh uncontrollably. I did them very early on when I was trying to figure out what those guys sounded like. You actually have to sit there and wait for a while, but then they just burst into this maniacal laughter.

[Cackles maniacally]

Read the full interview here.