The Sound Keeper releases Punch Sound Effects

The Punch Sound Effects Combo Pack includes the Processed Punch Sound Effects Pack AND the Raw Punch Sound Effects Pack.

As a professional sound designer, I find there are never enough punches in my libraries. You can use punch type material for bigger impacts, or stronger attacks, or just about anything! I wasn’t happy with what was out there, so I decided to go on a journey to produce all those great punch and impact sounds I need for work! Along the way, I discovered some great techniques and sounds for all types of fighting and combat situations. It was an extensive study of punches from the past 100 years, and now I’m able to share this with you!

The combo pack includes everything. You’ll get the Processed “Hollywood” style punches. You’ll also receive all the processed elements used to create those “Hollywood” processed sounds. This gives you more flexibility to mix and match elements in a variety of different ways. Also, you’ll receive all the raw unprocessed files. All of the processed sounds come from the raw files. There are also a LOT of unused punches, blocks, whooshes, whips, etc. in the raw unprocessed files! With the combo pack, you’ll have total flexibility and control over your sound creations!

  • Most Extensive Punch Library on the market
  • 750+ Sounds

Processed “Hollywood” Punches including:

  • Classic Style (Indiana Jones, Bruce Lee, etc.)
  • Matrix Style
  • Modern Style (John Wick, Daredevil. etc.)
  • And Much More!

Processed Element Sounds
The Processed “Hollywood” punches broken down into individual elements so you can mix and match for creative freedom!

  • Raw Unprocessed Sounds
  • New David Morgan Indy Whip Recordings
  • All files at 96Khz, 24 bit
  • Metadata included for programs like Soundminer

Price: $110 for the combo pack (you can also buy individual versions of the pack). More info on their website.