In May’s indie roundup we will be looking at a few SFX libraries that caught our eye and are worth mentioning. Without further ado, here is this months lineup.

1. Matter Mayhem by SoundMorph

Need the sound of utter destruction, debris, bomb blasts, and chaos – recorded in high definition sound, with multiple perspectives and tons of different materials? That’s what you get right here:

As sound designers, we always need these types of highly useable sounds, and with the creation of Matter Mayhem, we’ve gone above and beyond. Spanning 5 months of recording out in the field and designing in the studio, SoundMorph is very proud to bring you one of our largest produced libraries ever! If you need debris and destruction, Matter Mayhem is a solid choice to add to your collection!

2. SCI-FI ambiences surround & stereo by

Finish your next sci-fi project in lightening speed. Simply drag and drop the sounds into your DAW for balanced and panned surround sound ambiences. Combine the files as you like thanks to the uniform length of 40s.

You don’t need to pan the 5 different sounds or adjust them in time, volume or timbre. It’s already been done.
The futuristic character of this library is unique and gives your productions a ”next generation” feel. Bring your SFX library to the next level – you can never have too many extraordinary sci-fi sounds!

3. Electrical Awakening by Sartorial Sound

Electrical Awakening captures the hidden buzz, hum and EMF of everyday objects:

From the inner workings of a car engine starting up to dopplered garden lantern hums and servo movements, this library has a unique selection of electromagnetic sounds. It’s an electrical symphony of sound. These sounds were recorded with a Lom Label Elektrosluch 2 (Stereo coil pick-up) into a Sony D100 at 192kHz/24bit.

4. Footsteps One by Pasi Pitkänen

If you’re after high quality footsteps sounds on unique surfaces, this library is for you: ‘Footsteps One’ is the first library of the series aimed at provide exciting and unique footstep sounds for your next project. All the sounds were recorded in quiet remote locations in Northern Finland.

This collection features the following surfaces: Forest Plain, Grass, Gravel, Pine Needle Ground, Wood Scrap, Snow Deep, Snow Packed.

Each surface comes with walk, scuff and stomp sounds with a lot of variations. Also included is bonus material like frozen stairs walk and snowscrapes recorded at various lengths.

5. Colombian Nature by Diegetix Sound LLC

This SFX library gets you a unique collection of sounds from Colombia.

It features everything from forests and jungles, swampy marshes, quiet villages, farms and sounds from the countryside. Many of the locations are teeming with birds, crickets, flies and other insects, frogs and even a few farm animals.

Both atmospheric daytime and nighttime recordings are included.

6. Boats by Original Sounds

This library gets you both the sounds of a tugboat / motor engine boat, as well as a sailboat.

It delivers powerful boat engine sounds such as accelerations, stopping and idle sounds. You also get radio VHF chatter, cabin roomtone, splashing waves, the sounds of anchors being dropped and handled and mainsail hoisting sounds. There’s also lots of ropes creaking and squeaking, winches, furlers, genoas flapping and raising, sailboat interiors with light swells. Finally, it includes some quiet ambiences from a big city marina.

7. Snowball Impacts by Pasi Pitkänen

Introducing the world’s first snowball impact sound effect library:

In the winter of 2014 in Northern Finland, SFX creator Pasi Pitkänen threw over 250 snowballs onto thirteen different surfaces with a lot of variations. This collection has everything you need to recreate that snowball fight scene in your project or if you are just looking for some nice textures to enrich your impact sounds.

Included impact surfaces: Boilersuit, Snow Ground, Metal Door, Metal Rack, Metal Wheelbarrow, Padded Cotton, Snowpusher, Tarp, Waterproof Jacket, Windbreaker Jacket, Wooden Door, Wooden Wall.

7. Gardermoen Airport by Norsonant

Need airport sounds and ambiences? This collection provides good coverage of the common and domestic areas of a modern airport. In total, 19 different recording locations inside the Norwegian airport of Gardermoen have been recorded. A picture from every location is also included for reference.

All files that contain PA announcements have added metadata with a short description of the message. This makes it easier to find the correct announcement for your project. The majority of the announcements are done in both Norwegian and English which is convenient for non-Norwegian speaking sound editors.

Gardermoen airport is the largest airport in Norway, located 35 kilometres northeast of Oslo. Gardermoen is the main international airport in Norway and acts as the main domestic hub. It is also the second busiest airport in the Nordic countries, connecting around 30 domestic and 120 international destinations. In 2014 more than 24 million passengers traveled through Gardermoen.

8. Attack of the bumblebee by Aleksey Sinitsyn

Get the buzzing, lively sounds of a closely recorded bumblebee. Includes flybys, ascends, falling, angry buzzing, wing rattles, and even the occasional microphone impact. Great for all kinds of winged insect sounds.