Holy moly was June busy with SFX libraries. Here are the ones that caught our eye in this July indie roundup.

Tremor by Tonsturm

This library features haunting rattle and earth shaking rumble sound effects. We did a lot of research and experimentation and finally came up with a very powerful and precise setup that enables us to make all sorts of objects and materials resonate and vibrate to specific sounds and frequencies. We transduced low frequent bass and impact sound waves via two high precision iBeam bass shakers, into huge objects like train wagons, wooden storage racks, big metal gates, but also smaller setups like wine glasses, telephones, plastic cases and and a lot more. With this library we captured all droning, rumble, rattle and shake sound effects one could ever wish for.

Cloth by The Soundcatcher

The Cloth sound effects library is dedicated to cloth and textile movement sound effects.

It features a wide range of different materials being handled, such as backpacks, pillows, sheets, leather belts and jackets, table cloths, shirts, canvases, gloves, rain jackets, chinos, jeans, pullovers and much more.

3D printer by Pasi Pitkanen

The 3D Printer library is a collection of high quality motor, servo and mechanical movement sounds that can help you make a nice looking robot sound like a mean killing machine. The library is also a great and affordable way to add uniqueness to your sound effects.

The Windshield by The Red libraries

‘The Windshield’ sound effects library is the first installment in a new ‘Car Damages Collection’ from Red Libraries – and it delivers wild glass destruction, captured from actual windshields breaking.

Ferrari Dino by Watson Wu

Get the roaring sounds of a 1974 Ferrari Dino. This Daytona 246 GT edition Italian made exotic car is a 5 speed manual mid-engine v6, and it’s known to be The Ferrari without an exterior Ferrari badge.

53 wave files were captured in 24 Bit, 96 kHz – and the combined recorded driving time is more than 28 minutes.

Glass Door Slides by Antisample

The glass door slides sound effects pack features 59 deep, rattling – and slightly reptilian – recordings, captured with a custom contact microphone.

The sound effects offer up lots of creative sound design uses, and work well when layered with another sound texture or material, and as a standalone sounds too. Samples were recorded at 24 Bit, 96 Khz.

Wood Creaks by Jordan Fehr FX

WOOD CREAKS is a collection of real recordings of old wood floors, boards, steps, and more – recorded in old (haunted?) houses in Central Ohio. Some of the files are tight on the source for applying your own reverbs to suit your needs, while others feature the space they lived in for maximum realism.

Creaks, Squeaks, Bends, Pulls, Groans, Pops, Rips, Ticks, Door Elements, Weight Shifts for use in Foley, and more.

Just Impacts – Extension I by Soundbits

The ‘Just Impacts – Extension I’ sound effects library features 237 sound effects of mainly metal and wood impacts, metal armor hits, crashes, door slams, heavy metal drops, shield blocks and metal wall hits.

Rifles & Pistols of The World Wars by Watson Wu

Get the sounds of 12 authentic weapons from both World War 1 and World War 2, captured by recording specialist Watson Wu. A total of 587 files are included – 107 foley sounds and 480 firing sounds.

Cassette by Moon Echo Audio

We are bringing back old-school cool with Cassette! This 99+ sound effect package features all the trademark sounds of the cassette player along side more interesting sonic flavors.

Running at 24bit/96khz this collection shines best when used creatively to develop your own textures in post-sound, apps, games and more. Well grounded metadata is included to help easily navigate through this collection of retro sounds.

Analog Days by Sound Ex Machina

Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from old portable cassette players, Retro WW tube radios, vintage turntable vinyl record players and retro tape machines. This is really a sound time capsule ready to send your projects back to the good old analog days and give that sense of analog imperfection that makes the sound really interesting.

Sounds Of Hong Kong by Resonant

Get the sounds of Hong Kong, recorded in 2007. It includes the sounds of a ferry from Lantau Island to Hong Kong, trams, street scenes and MTR trains, interior and exterior.

In total, 30 recordings are included for more than 40 minutes of authentic Hong Kong sounds.