Looks like the July was also busy with SFX libraries. Check out the new additions in this indie roundup.

Quadcopter UAV drone by Hiss and a Roar

This library is the result of a total of ten recording sessions with three specific UAVs: a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, an FPV 250 racing quad and a tiny CX10 toy quadcopter. The Phantom 3 is a larger GPS stabilised quadcopter, while the FPV 250 is far smaller/lighter but also far faster. Both are capable of movement in three dimensions but the FPV250 is built to be light & highly manouverable (requiring significant skill to fly, let along race) whereas the DJI by default is far more forgiving…

Punch by The Sound Keeper

Ready for some hard-hitting punch sounds? This combat sound library from The Sound Keeper is sure to leave a mark!

Glassware Resonance Two by Pasi Pitkanen

‘Glassware Resonance Two’ nicely compliments the first ‘Glassware Resonance’ library by adding 22 new glass objects – closely recorded in a quiet room with the Sony D100 handheld recorder.

Mustang Dragster Cars by Watson Wu

Get the powerful sounds of Mustang Dragster Cars in this sound effect library by Watson Wu. It gets you 25 recordings of both classic and modern Ford Mustang passbys at a 1/4 mile race track.

Bumblebee by Pasi Pitkanen

Looking for closely recorded high quality bumblebee sounds? Want to get the special buzzing sound that a bumblebee makes to loosen the pollen from the flower bud?

Dronos by The Library by Empty Sea

Brand New Sci-Fi Ambiences from The Library by Empty Sea. 6+ GB, 150+ sounds, almost 3 hours of material, all 96k, all looped for easy use.

Just chains by Soundbits

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this SFX library is all about metal chain sound effects. Various sizes of chains were pulled, dropped, shaken, rattled, whipped, hung, dangled and jingled.

Lethal energies by Digital Rain Lab

The Lethal Energies sound effects library gets you a powerful and versatile collection of designed sci-fi guns and weapons. We work as game sound designers and are huge sci-fi fans, and our aim with this SFX library was to build the ultimate, self-contained sci-fi weapon library – in the sense that it includes everything you need to create powerful weapon sounds.

Aura by noisecreations

The AURA sound effects library gets you high-quality ambiences from an extensive array of locations around the UK.

Cartoon Materials by Game Audio Factory

The Cartoon Materials SFX library contains everything from balloons, creaks, squeaks, skids, springs and slide whistles to toys, boings, pops, gurgles, crazy impacts – and much more!

Small Crowds Outdoor by Game Audio Factory

Small crowd sound effect libraries can be hard to find – but here’s the solution: The Small Crowds Outdoors SFX library gets you crowds samples from 1 to 15 people. 649 sounds are included in three mic placements each (MS near, MS far, ORTF rear), for a total of 1947 sounds.