In April’s indie roundup we will be looking at a few SFX libraries that caught our eye and are worth mentioning. Without further ado, here is this months lineup.

1. Swish two by Hiss and a roar

SWISHES was our second library release and we love hearing about all the projects that it’s been used in – it is a very useable library, and one that warranted revisiting with a whole new set of props and ideas, combined with some excellent suggestions from a lot of very clever sound designers & friends of HISSandaROAR!

2. The Concourse Crowds by Airborn Sound

The Concourse Crowds sound fx bundle is a free collection of 25 crowd ambiences. It features business crowds, financial district pedestrians, and corporate chatter captured in Toronto’s Bay Street business district.

3. Machine Emanation by Collected Transients

Machine Emanation is a contact microphone and drone sound effects library focused on machines. It contains multiple recordings and designed drones sourced from band saw to ceiling fan; table saw to dishwasher, thickness planer to paper shredder; bench grinder to refrigerator. Machines were recorded turning on and off, running, and at any available speeds.

Also included are drones designed from each machine. Power tools and appliances are re-imagined as dark rumbling drones and unique atmospheres. A small glimpse of what can be created with Machine Emanation.

4. Guns vol. 1 by Chuck Russom FX

An epic collection of multi-channel gun recordings from Chuck Russom FX.

4. Oslo city ambience by Norsonant

Get sounds from Scandinavia with the OSLO CITY AMBIENCE library. Recorded in the capital of Norway, this library delivers the sounds of more than 40 locations around the city.

4. Yellowstone by Tim Nielsen

Yellowstone is a unique sound effect library created by renowned sound supervisor and SFX editor Tim Nielsen, featuring giant geysers, bubbling mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs, water streams and much more.

5. Buttons, Switches & Levers by Soundbits

Huge collection of all kinds of Buttons, Switches, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, that were pushed hard (and soft). From small buttons, small mechanics to big levers of different materials.Perfectly cleaned and edited for direct use.

This concludes our indie SFX roundup. Let us know what you think in the comments below or in our social media channels.