In addition to the original Indie roundup, we will conclude this month with several additions to the list. SFX Developers have been very productive this month.

New additions worth checking out

Cinematic Darkness bundle by Boom library

CINEMATIC DARKNESS has been co-produced with sound designer Sebastian Johnson who left his footprints in the world of sound design starting in the 90s with the first commercial library for the Waldorf Microwave and sound design for Ensoniq, Clavia, DSI, and recently for more than 40 blockbuster trailers in the last 4 years such as Gravity, World War Z, Godzilla, Maleficient, The Hobbit, Transcendence, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil 5, Star Trek & much more!

Tokyo City by Original Sounds

Get the authentic sounds of Tokyo City in this library from Original Sounds. It features everything from sounds captured in the city centre, busy streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, trains and subways – exterior and interior recordings captured at different times of day.

UI Sounds: Organic by Sound Ex Machina

The sounds in UI SOUNDS | ORGANIC are meticulously trimmed and calibrated to sound about as loud as each other all sounds created to make developer’s lives easier, intended to serve not only those who need minimalist and discrete elements but also those who search for intriguing bold sounds, sounds with more personality for their projects.

The Undercover SFX Library by SonicSalute

282 strange, ghostly and spy-like sounds collected from 2 old analog dictaphones, 1 portable cassette recorder, 1 very small digital dictaphone, 3 portable modern recorders, 1 video cam, and finally 1 very famous portable Reel to Reel recorder (a Nagra IS).

Bob Skeleton by Detunized

Bob Skeleton library delivers exciting action sounds of Two Men Bob and Skeleton heroes that go down the track with more than 100 kilometers/hour.

Previously mentioned

Explosions by Tonstrum
Affordable weapon sounds (bullet impacts, foley, etc) by Diegetics
Edward by Tovusounds
Tropical forests by Boom library
Room Tones by Detunized
The Windmill by The Red Libraries
Wings by Bonson