The Big Halloween sound effects roundup. October 2017

Gosh time flies. One year has already passed since the last halloween sound effects roundup. Soo many great libraries came out this year it’s hard to pick halloween favorites. In this special roundup, I included some of the old libraries which are still highly usable and of course some of the newer libraries that were recently released. The regular roundup will be featured near the end of the month.

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Note: I am not affiliated with A Sound Effect or other sound effects providers.

Creature and Monster sound effects

Everybody needs some sort of creature sound effects. Here are some of my favorites.

Yeti Monster by Articulated Sounds

Extensive humanoid creatures actions, emotions and reactions. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different type of articulations, actions and reactions; as well as cartoon-like interpretations.

Monster Within by Soundmorph

Everything from Attacks, Roars, Giant Footsteps, to detailed foley, vocals and flesh ripping.

Creatures – Construction Kit by Boom Library

More than 7600 single sounds in over 1000 files, this extensive library offers you an extremely wide range of source sounds to create your own unique creatures. Check out our review.

Dark Seals by Daan Hendriks

Dark Seals is a unique collection of close up, expressive seal vocalisations. It includes everything from aggressive growls, funny gargles, snapping snarls, howling wails & disgusting snorts and slobbers.

Seal Vocals by Hiss and a Roar

The adult fur seal vocalisations include gutteral growls and roars, heavy snorts, strange rhythmic shrieks, bites and sudden jaw snaps, all of which have the scale and tonality of a large mammal. The adolescent seals have an almost dog-like growl, very sharp snapping jaws and a piercing shriek, which is incredibly evocative from a distance but up close is seriously disturbing.

Pigs HD Pro by The Recordist

This collection has them along with growls and wacky vocalizations. Create awesome creature effects with this off-the-wall sound library. Also included are large pig grunts, snorts and breaths recorded on a muddy farm field.

Ferocious Creatures by Tonsturm

Ferocious Creatures library by Tonstrum will not dissapoint if you need extra flavor for your creature sound design. Check out our review.

Meow – Cat Essentials by Sonic Worlds

From sweet mewls, to longing cries, or vicious shrieks, this library has got you covered.

Drones and moods

Setting the right mood for the film or a game is far from easy. Here is a list of cool drones and moods.

Metal Atmosphere by Mindful audio

Metal Atmosphere is a collection of contact microphone recordings of wire fences vibrating in the wind.

Distorted Perception by MatiasMacSD

Abnormal melodies, strange sound movements, transitions and distorted cinematic impacts are some of the things you will find in this collection; sounds with a distorted, saturated and tense feeling to grab people’s attention and provoke fear, tension and suspense in them.

Resonance by Badlands Sound

This library puts a different twist on drones using reverbs and processing until the original sound resonates within a space or location creating these uncomfortable sounds.

Light and Dark Drones by Airborne Sound

Listen to the balance of melodic tones and atmospheric drones. Features rhythmic, mystical, eerie, and angelic atmospheres.

Atmosfear by Glitchedtones

Featuring sounds taken from lo-fi instrumental recordings, harsh noise experiments and granular synthesis explorations, Atmosfear is a gritty soundscape collection geared towards the horror genre.

Horror 1 by Spheric Collection

Spooky, scary sounds – in ambisonics format.

Ghosts by Articulated Sounds

The Ghost Designed Sound library offers 20 atmospheres and 125 sound elements finely crafted, and spatialized in 360° (3 format options: Ambisonics, Surround 5.1, or stereo).

Howling Winds – Interior by hzandbits

Howling Winds – Interior is 1.4 GB of high-velocity air molecules in 42 separate files – recorded in 24bit/96kHz stereo – from an interior perspective.


You know, because it’s horror time.

Gore Toolkit HD by Soundopolis

Punches, bone, blood, intestines, goops, splats, flesh movement, chewing, tearing, snapping, breaking, blade sounds…

Vegetable Violence by Hiss and a Roar

Vegetable rips, tears, squelches, hits, punches, stabs all recorded & mastered at 96kHz for stomach churning realism, this is a fantastic component library of organic gore sound effects.

Just Gore by Soundbits

96 files containing over 820 goregeous bone breaking, blood soaking and flesh slicing Splatter SoundFX.

The Borax Exp.: Gore & Slime by Mattia Cellotto

158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds – made from Borax.

Gore and Slaughter by Tonsturm

Creepy as hell. Full review.


Ultrasonic Dry Ice by Mattia Cellotto

Ultrasonic Dry Ice is a library containing over 600 sounds themed metal resonances, scrapes and all sorts of weird.

Lockdown by echo | collective

Huge variety of simple or complex lockdown mechanism sounds with a wide array of different latches and impacts with Lockdown, a performable Kontakt instrument and sound effects library.

Tortured Wood by Hiss and a Roar

Breaking wood, slamming 40kg poles into stacks of debris, throwing pallets, planks and furniture around as loudly as possible!

Mangled Metal HD Pro by The Recordist

Included are 715 metal rips, tears, dents, scrapes, folds, slides, rubs, impacts, crashes, drops and much more.

Scratches by Sound Ex Machina

Scratches library is a comprehensive library of 700 recordings of scrapes, cuts, scuffs, peelings and rubs. This high-quality collection of versatile sounds will make skin crawl and hairs stand on end.

The Windshield by Red Libraries

Wild glass destruction, captured from actual windshields breaking.

Ice Tension by SonicSalute

A collection of 206 ice tension, creaking, and breaking sounds, recorded in a dense pine tree forest in Sweden.

Weird, abstract and other useful sound effects

Warped Choir by U.S.O

More than 200 massive dynamic impacts, transitions, soundscapes, epic vocal rises and whooshes, all designed from scratch using a choir concert recording as the unique waveform source in the Symbolic Sound Kyma workstation. Read our review.

Punch Sound Effects Combo Pack by The Sound Keeper

If you want hollywood style hard hitting punches, this is library offer quite a lot. Read our review.

TWISTED Universe by Red Libraries

Impacts, whooshes, loops, soundscapes, alarms, tension layers, zaps and much more.

High Desert Chainsaw by Thomas Rex Beverly

High Desert Chainsaw contains the many sounds of a chainsaw as it chews through live oak tree trunks and branches.

The Burning House Library by Pole Position Production

This library captures a wooden summer cottage burning down to the ground. It contains fire at various intensities and random debris as the house falls apart.

LiquidMetal – Waterphone by The Soundcatcher

The LiquidMetal – Waterphone SFX pack contains a lot of great material for your next deep impact horror project, when you need eerie, suspenseful and deep sounds.

Abstract Bundle by Antisample

Three libraries full of dark, glitchy and ambient textures.

Designed Circuits by Gregor Quendel

Designed Circuits captures the essence of electric circuits and transforms them into something new. It features special effects, ambiences, glitches, drones, and more, that range from heavily designed to basic elements.

Biomorph by Glitchmachines, LLC

Digital soundscapes, mutated organisms, granulated liquids, twisted robotic vocalizations, sophisticated low-frequency effects and morphing plasmic textures, these sounds will transform your sci-fi soundscape.