Ah Facebook Groups… I`ve joined so many I don`t even know where to start. Sooner or later you realize that most groups are for… well either for promotion of ones work, spamming or dead in a sense that no one really interact between each other. Happy to say that I got out of many that weren`t working for me because you couldn`t have a normal conversation since everybody was rushing to show their latest and greatest work. That resulted in an unbelievable spam rampage that even “professional spammer” would think twice if he or she would stay in the “spam” business.

However, there is one group that you (presumably you are a composer) would be happy to join. Now you might be wondering what is so special about this group right? Well to be honest nothing really except great people, wonderful moderators (yes, this group has several) and ton of fun and knowledge. Oh… there is one other thing.

If you thought that most facebook groups are like that (and I hope you are right) you might consider it again. The strength of this group was shown recently when a composer named Ronnie Christopher Doyle had a little issue with his computer.

On June 22nd 2012, Ronnie wrote a post that he will not be able to listen to groups work because sound on his computer lost all ability to cope with Ronnie’s awesomeness.  You might think “well…o..k, so what?” Well truth be told, I think we all thought somewhat the same (we felt sorry for the guy but what could we do right?). Well happy to say that we were wrong. The moderators of the group (Dan and Deryn Cullen) secretly (neither Ronnie or any other member knew… duh) started to arrange funding for Ronnie’s new equipment. Later Dan and Deryn created an event on facebook and invited the group to help donate so that Ronnie could buy new equipment needed to continue his work. The event lasted for two days and large number of members offered to help with either donating money or in some other way, shape or form. Some even emptied their paypal accounts. I think that was the first time that I saw something like that happen in a facebook group.

This story is not only about Ronnie but also about every other member of the Entropik`s facebook group that stepped up to the plate and showed their appreciation and compassion toward another composer and we sure think that this story deserves to be our first The Audio Spotlight special.