Adam DiTroia interview

If someone asks for revisions, do them. We have to remember it's their "baby". We may think we nailed a music cue or sound effect. But for whatever reason the client may not. It's their call :) Above all, stay passionate and excited about what you do! We truly are fortunate to make music and sounds for a living. Or, if it's not your living yet, you're still very fortunate to have your gifts and talents.
Chanel Summers

Chanel Summers interview

The great artists are the ones that can convey a lot with very little. Learning how to edit one’s self is one of the key core concepts of great game audio design—and, frankly, design in general. Too often, unskilled artists try to put too much into their audio design. But I can tell you from experience that working within self-imposed limits forces artists to be more creative and more decisive.

Elspeth Eastman interview

Don’t use the words “epic” or “emotional” in your music titles – not everyone will think your music is epic or emotional, so give your songs a unique title people will remember.