David Lynch’s television classic Twin Peaks is returning, so it’s a great time to take a look at the score and the synths and sounds behind it.

In this set of videos, Reverb.com’s Justin DeLay takes a look at the music of Twin Peaks, looking at the composition and synthesizer arrangement of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks Main Theme.

Along the way, he talks about some of the synths used in the soundtrack, including the Yamaha DX-7, the Roland D-50 and the MKS-70.

In the second part, DeLay takes a look at the synths of Laura Palmer’s Theme:

Composer Angelo Badalamenti is returning for the new Twin Peaks season. Here’s a new NPR interview with Badalamenti about his work on the series. Here’s Badalamenti, explaining the process of working with Lynch to create the music for Twin Peaks.

Source: Synthopia