Rock ’n’ Roll never dies, and LA Rocker Steve Cooke is not letting a pandemic stop the
Since the initial lockdown in March, he’s been busy composing original material and studying
relevant Led Zeppelin songs that relate to the pandemic. He has transformed two of the classic
English rock band’s songs into renditions that concur with our current times.
“It’s amazing that a song Robert Plant wrote in 1970 has so much meaning in 2020 and relates
to COVID safety awareness so beautifully,” says Cooke.
Last week he kicked off his IndieGoGo music campaign to realize the mission; the proceeds will
go toward producing a four-single EP in Los Angeles, with some outstanding international
His two original songs that will feature alongside the Zeppelin songs are best described as “music
of our time”, with roots in the feel good 70’s. Cooke’s goal is to create a trend for artists to support
cultural transformation and spiritual awareness as we deal with this pandemic today and into the
Steve composes his original music in a way that transports the listener to a time when music was
the universal language that brought everyone together, and he’s hoping that nostalgia
will invigorate the population to come together as they did before.
“In our current era, we need music that can help us find a way toward emotional growth and
spiritual understanding between all people. We need a trend that helps us to understand that the
human experience is a shared experience,” says Cooke.
Cooke’s EP is a creation that reflects the social and emotional landscape of our historically
unprecedented era, incorporating elements of the 70’s and combining them with his modern
acoustic rock feel.
It will be produced at some amazing Hollywood studios. Supporters can hear snippets of his two
renditions of Led Zeppelin’s “That’s The Way” and “Going to California” upon visiting the
IndieGoGo campaign page (below).
“This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone and I want to share my new sound to help us
get through this,” says Steve.
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