In this special roundup I gathered great deals on sound effects libraries. The following libraries do not contain any affiliate links and are purely subjective in nature. Some of the libraries on the list I own, some I did a review of and some are based on what I think is a good deal.

Elements: Glass by Airborne Sound

500+ sounds for 12 buck seems like a bargain.

Just gore by Soundbits

For the price this library offers a lot. Used it a lot in projects.

STOMPS – Creature Footsteps by Bonson

Huge amount of content. A bit pricey but well worth it. Check out the review.

Elements: Gears by Mindful Audio

A nice collection of gear sounds. Full review here.

Driving Forces by Digital Rain Lab

Design elements in this sound effects library are great. Full review.

Atmosfear by Glitchedtones

Weird dark drones.

Southern African Ambience by George Vlad and Daan Hendriks

Great Southern African ambiences.

Whirs, Buzzes, Hums and Hiss by Sonic Worlds

Sometimes you need that background sound to define the mood.

RE-201 by Oscillating Particles

This collection contains 284 minutes of Space Echo sounds from sources such as its: Transformer, Motor, Solenoid, Circuit Board, Screws, Switches, Knobs, Cables, Hinges, Handle, Box Pickups, Lid Closing/Opening, Echoes, Oscillations, Rate Sweeps, Line Noise. As Well as processed sounds such as: Signal Generator Sweeps, Impulse Tones, Kick Drum, Snare Drum, Self-Oscillations and many others.


DISTORTED PERCEPTION is a collection of 146 Sound Effects at 96kHz/24bit. 1,5 GB of sounds.

Our sound effects libraries on sale

Rocks and Stones by Antisample

Swish & Whoosh by Pasi Pitkänen

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