In case you have missed it, Soundly has just been released (public beta). Check out the video to see what’s all the fuzz about.

Soundly is a cloud based SFX librarian with few extended options like shop, drag and drop and some basic effects like normalize, pitch, sum to mono and reverse. I think that the loop function is missing or maybe I just can’t find it.

The install is pretty straight forward. You download the app, register and install. No hick ups there and you also get 300 free sounds with the free account.

So what does it do you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. It index all the sounds in the cloud and serves it to you to either buy or download (depending on your plan). It gets the job done but right now it is hard to tell since there is little content. There are also some limitations to the free account. For instance you cannot use the sounds from the unless you upgrade which in my view is kind of redundant since the sounds are already free at


With the upgrade you also unlock the the amount of sounds the app will index. The free account can only index 2500 sounds, which is fair I guess. Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Soundly and its abilities. The indexing is pretty fast, though it can lockup if you put large amount of files to index (could be the limitation of the free account). I have yet to upgrade to fully test its capabilities but at the moment I can’t due to the fact that it doesn’t support Reaper (which is my main DAW) in the sense of drag and drop. Once the bug/feature will be working I will test the app and report here.


Soundly also reads metadata and does it pretty well but it doesn’t read all of it from what I could test. It reads the description, filename, format, channels and library. The search is also pretty fast and so far pretty accurate.

So far I have to say that I really like the app/service but like I said earlier, I will wait a bit so that the bug with Reaper is fixed.