SoundCues releases GuitarMonics for Kontakt

GuitarMonics_Cover_Art_3 (1) SoundCues has released their new all-harmonics guitar sample library for Kontakt, GuitarMonics. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and electric bass guitar, GuitarMonics offers a (nearly) chromatically-sampled trio of virtual instrument covering a 3 to 4 octave range.

GuitarMonics was created with two reasons in mind. The first is the idea that strong harmonic notes on stringed instruments are typically limited to certain frets without resorting to a more complex playing style. The second reason is that this focus on harmonics created unique instruments in their own right, outside of many of the standard guitar instruments on the market today.

GuitarMonics features 3 dynamic layers, 5x round robin, multiple pickup selections, at 24-bit / 48kHz.

SoundCues, LLC is a new virtual instrument company formed by veteran video game sound designer and audio director, Rodney Gates. The goal with this venture is to create unique sample libraries for musicians that add a creative sound and texture to their compositional palette.

GuitarMonics is offered at an introductory 20% discount through June 13, 2014. Regular pricing is as follows:

Acoustic GuitarMonics: $39
Electric GuitarMonics:$ 49
Bass Harmonics: $49
GuitarMonics Collection: $119