Sonokinetic presents Maximo, an action packed powerful sample library recorded with the biggest orchestral configuration in the Sonokinetic history. This instrument can provide you with a true epic music score for your creative journeys.

Maximo fills a space in Sonokinetic’s phrase-based orchestral line-up that many composers working in media have been waiting for. An enlarged and expanded orchestra worked overtime to play the biggest, baddest orchestral phrases possible. Not only is the sound huge, but the writing has been tailored to this specific set of instruments. Some phrases were composed specifically using unusual harmonic content like the odd flat 6th and flat 2nd intervals. Sonokinetic created a product that will fit in perfectly with any contemporary writing style. Of course all of the stuff you would expect in a Sonokinetic phrase-based instrument is there, so if you’ve used any of the developer’s instruments before you will be able to put Maximo to work right away without any trouble.
Using the midi drag and drop functionality doubling the orchestral phrases with a synth for that hybrid sound has never been easier. The full score is also available within the interface so you can peek under the hood and see what’s going on compositionally with the phrases you are using and how the sound coming out of your speakers has been achieved. Expanding the brass section and having them play their lungs out was a very visceral experience and it translates really well to the finished product. The sound has a ‘kinetic’ strength and brings about a joyous feeling that is hard to ignore. For the strings and woodwinds the emphasis is on the lower side of things too, with 8 double basses, 16 celli, 6 bassoons and a contrabassoon. The guys and galys at Sonokinetic made sure that the low content has enough pressure and presence to carry a mix all the way through, whatever you decide to add on top. Sonokinetic is very proud to introduce Maximo to you and can’t wait to hear the amazing things you will produce with it.

Now available for the limited time introduction price of $ 218.00 (from $ 274.00) If you are an existing user of Sonokinetic’s orchestral sample library collection make sure to check out their Loyalty discount options.