I know that for most this news might not apply but it is actually of great importance for Slovenia’s game developer scene. It is for the first time that I can recall that we will have a meeting on a big scale with game developers presenting games as well as other subjects important to game developer scene. The event is happening today and all the tickets (for the seats) have been sold out which is a great sign that things are changing in our country. Of course if you happen to be around than feel free to join us.

Here are some of the games that will be presented in the meetup.

Media Atlas – Secretion

Cowardly Creations – Uncanny Valey

Dawn of Play – Furries + Flip the Dice

Motiviti – Elroy And The Aliens

Emberheart Games – Courier of the Crypts

Outfit7 – About Outfit7

Bragi Interactive – Skillshot: The Hunt